Help for Entrepreneurs

Would you like to make a money map? This process is based on ‘ Tap into Wealth” by Margaret Lynch. If you want to know what emotions and beliefs are running your money situation, ask yourself what do you feel and think about your savings, your debts, your income, your income goals.

If you need some support in clearing some of those emotions, beliefs or traumas, let’s get together for a free consultation.

“Nadia, I was SO surprised last evening to look at my Money Map from 10 weeks ago and to discover just how far I’ve come! Thanks in large part to your help, last month I increased my income by $1300 to reach my income goal for the first time.

Working with you has felt so gentle and undramatic that I didn’t realize just how far I’d come in changing my attitude toward all things Money. For instance, according to my EFT workbook, 10 weeks ago I felt “stuck” and “afraid” about my income. Now I feel excited and competent. About even having an income goal, I felt “cynical, jaded”. What I wrote about ever reaching the goal: “Fat chance, you don’t even want to work that hard, and it’ll never happen anyway–give it up.”

I know this sounds like a pre-packaged testimonial of the sort you read in advertisements. I’m laughing as I write to you, though, because this time its TRUE, and its about YOU! Thank you from my heart for your help, Nadia. You’ve helped me open doors that were sealed so far shut. If I can change this, then with your help I can change anything that no longer serves me. The sky’s the limit!
-Small business owner, after receiving 8 private sessions combined with attending an EFT support group

You can call me at (928)759-0955 or email


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