Help for Supporters of Integrative Medicine

One component which Integrative Medicine addresses is the emotional side of a patient and of his condition.

There are many approaches and techniques dealing with stress, anxiety, emotional traumas. It is up to you to explore and choose one or several approaches.

These are some of the questions one can ask oneself:

  • did my condition start right after a traumatic event?
  • do I experience fear of the future, stress at the present, regrets for the past?
  • what is my relationship with my doctor and with my family and friends?

By making room for a mind-body approach besides your regular visits to your doctor, you acknowledge that there is a connection between your body and your mind and you show your openness to benefit from old or/new mind-body clearing techniques.

If you want to explore what EFT( Emotional Freedom Technique) and the Emotion Code can do for you, give me a call at (928)759-0955 or email me at


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