Help for Students of a foreign language

Why would you use Tapping for learning languages? Because we have emotional blocks which are in the way of learning.

What if you could remove those blocks and learn faster and easier?

What if you could stop the self-judgment and be at ease with your new language skills when you travel to your destination of choice, Paris for example?

What if you could have a conversation with a local?

Wouldn’t that be great?

These are sentences I have heard over the years of teaching French. I am going to include them in this script. Maybe you will recognize some that  apply to you.

Tap on the side of your hand and say:

Even though I feel overwhelmed learning French ( for example) or learning……., I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Tap on each of the other points ( see video on this site if need be) and say:

It is overwhelming

There is so much to learn

and that grammar and those verbs!

I feel so stupid

I haven’t said a word of French since high school

I sound so weird

I am afraid to butcher it

I am afraid people will think:” Yikes, another American trying to speak French!”

Who am I to learn another language at my age?

I have never been good at learning languages anyway, but my wife( or my husband) is

People think it is funny

but I am really struggling with this e and this u

And until I get them right I am never going to sound French

And people are not going to understand what the heck I ‘m saying

I know I am going to feel stupid

I better stop at Bonjour like the saying goes

THAT’s safe

the other nasal sounds… are not familiar

how do I sound saying those words, how do I look?

weird? out of my league?

I can say those words in class, that’s one thing, but I am not sure I will be able to

say them when a French person will speak to me

I can see it

I am going to freeze if someone speaks to me

They are going to think that I DO speak French

and I am not going to understand a word

Oh! I know I am going to feel stupid

I am going to say: ‘Je ne parle pas francais Monsieur”

and that will be it!

or not

what about if I let go of my fears,

all of them,

my fears of rejection

my fears of not doing things right or better, perfectly

I might enjoy this learning

I might see this as a new game

I might surprise myself

I might enjoy throwing a couple of sentences to the waiter

I might smile inside and congratulate myself

I might really enjoy this

and there is nothing wrong with that

Best of all ,  I might find out what those French think about us Americans!

Add your own sentences about your own fears or unease and have fun with this!


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