Help with Bullying

Bullying happens in school, at home, at work, on the Internet.
You just need one word to feel small.

We’ve all heard it. ” Come on, toughen up, don’t be so sensitive, he/she didn’t really mean it…” Well, a word can hurt and it can hurt for years. Tears will come to your eyes by the simple mention of it. It can be a word said at school by a kid or by a teacher, it can be said at work and of course it can be said at home where everything starts. It can be about the way you look, it can be about your brain, it can be about your skin color, it can be about anything.
A demeaning word which is repeated becomes bullying and verbal abuse. The hurt is inside, there is no blood outside to show the hurt and others don’t seem to understand. The emotions of hurt, anger, powerlessness, shock, betrayal, helplessness and shame become lodged in the body and don’t simply go away.
Can EFT help you with that? It can. The intensity of all those emotions will come down, you will be able to look at those bad memories as a calm observer, you will be able to think clearly and calmly and visualize yourself in a difficult situation speaking your truth and demanding respect. Priceless.

Just call me for a free consultation at (928)759-0955


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