Class on Tapping and block to learning a foreign language

Learn to relieve stress and anxiety with the gentle technique of Tapping, or EFT:Emotional Freedom Technique. This simple method- gently tapping on a number of acupuncture points while tuning in your issues- is effective for a number of issues.
In this workshop we shall explore how to deal with emotional blocks in learning and speaking a foreign language.

Date: Thursday April 7th, 2016 from 6 to 8:30 PM
Yavapai College, Building 2, Room 208
Fee: $50
Call (928) 717-7755 to register.

You will learn:
How to bring down your anxiety learning a foreign language
How to deal with your fear of making mistakes
How to be less overwhelmed when natives speak (so fast!)
How to eliminate your negative self-talk
How to feel confident and at ease when you speak to a native (no more freezing!)


The Tapping World Summit 2016

Tapping Meditation – “From Overwhelm to Calm”

It starts on Feb 22nd. 10 days of free tapping presentations available for 24 hours each time.

Take the time to listen to register and to listen to some of them or all!


What’s new for the beginning of 2016

 I started 2 blogs connected to 2 applications of EFT. With the goal of using them for a book and/or for building new courses.
The first one is dedicated to all the people who have been hurt by a word and still feel it.
The second one is dedicated to anyone who has some emotional block learning and speaking a new language.
If any of these topics grab you, please leave a comment, a question, a testimonial.
I am always looking for “guinea pigs”. So if you are interested in a free session on any of these issues, let me know.
These are the upcoming EFT classes at Yavapai College/Community Education. Call 928-717-7755 to register.
March 3-  Emotional eating and EFT
April 4- Learning another language and EFT
April 14- Test anxiety and EFT
It came to me that some of you might be interested in an emotional wellness monthly check-up, for $50/month. A good idea?
I am always needing referrals, opportunities to make presentations, new ideas. Let me know.
All the best to you for YOUR projects!

Emotional eating


Recently I gave a class at Yavapai College at the Community Education Program on EFT and emotional eating. In the first part I introduced EFT and the class practiced it on the issue of stress. After the break, chips and chocolate were introduced. Now the idea was to rate one’s craving for each one of these, then tap and re-assess again the level of craving. All ratings came down, at different speed. One student dramatically declared that she was ready to throw them away, something she had never done in her life. Another student looked at them finally just as objects and started to sketch them. For another, the chocolate had strong emotional ties with her grand-parents and the craving for them was pretty high until it came down some after some tapping.

Here is something you can do. Choose a food that you crave often, that has control over you. Rate the craving. Tap on the points , saying:

Even though I crave this food, I deeply and completely accept myself,

The texture, the sweetness, the smell, all remind me of good times,

I miss those times, I miss those people, I miss some sweetness in my life, etc…You can tap on anything that comes to your mind. Then rate it again. See how low you can go on the rating.

You will feel different about this food. The idea is not to give up this food completely but to be in control of when to eat it or how much of it.

All the best!

Just 5 minutes

DSC_0108You don’t need 1 hour to make a change in your outlook or belief system. Things can go pretty quickly.

As I was offering free 5Mn sessions at the Spirit in Motion Expo this Sunday, I was noticing again, that with EFT, one can go from a stressed feeling to an acceptable one in a very short time. Whether it was dealing with stress at work or the pain of ending a relationship, each person who did just 5 Mn of  tapping left with a smile.

My stomach is in knots


We are in a stressful situation and bang! we feel it in our stomach. It feels like it is twisted, that it is in knots, or in piles. We feel a weight there.

What a good indicator of the truth of the mind- body connection! We even use phrases to describe those sensations. They are popular in our culture.

I feel all tied up

I can’t stomach this.

I can’t digest that.

I am in stew over that.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

You can tap on the event that just happened and on your body sensations, in turns. Like:

Even though my boss criticized me again, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

Even though my stomach is in knots, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…

You can tap both on the emotion and the physical sensation. Continue until the situation is bearable or better yet until it does not affect you and you are at a 0.

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No thanks. I’ll pass.

Ah!…those annoying food cravings! sweets, sodas, chips, fried food, bread and cookies….

We feel powerless . Any of these foods can have a hold on us, like a magnet that we cannot pull away from. It can happen at different settings ( in a social setting or alone) and at different times of the day ( right when we get up or before going to bed). We know that they are not good for our health. Plenty of people have written about them or directly told us. We know, we know…

For some of us, good intentions, knowledge, a strict diet, sheer will do not work.

For years, Jenny had her evening routine. After the stress of the day, her best comfort was a  full plate of tortilla chips covered with cheese put in the microwave. Every night.

Jenny asked me if I could help her with this craving. So I went to her house, we sat comfortably on her patio, we tapped on this specific craving, the stresses of life, the emotional void that this food was filling. In less than an hour, Jenny could visualize herself breaking that pattern that very same night.

And she did. She has not gone to those chips  for comfort since then.

Like Jenny, you can tap  and say:

Even though I am hooked on those chips covered with cheese, every night, I deeply and completely love and accept myself,

Even though this habit has been going on for years with all the stresses of my life….

Even though I need support and love and the only comfort I have found is chips and cheese, I deeply and completely love and accept myself,

Just try it.

P.S: If you would like a free 1/2 hour consultation, call me at (928)759-0955.DSC_0281