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Cancer. Leaving no stones untouched.

My friend Lucia has been diagnosed with cancer. She is choosing to take this health challenge as an opportunity. For her, the message is: you can decide now to choose to heal deeply. This means : looking at all of who she is. This means: going bravely to leave no stones untouched. In all aspects:  spiritual, emotional, mental and reviewing the nutrition that resonates with her needs right now.  She wants to remove all the blocks to healing. She is determined to be thorough.

I admire her determination.

Cancer. The circle.

One more thing that is of importance when we are dealing with a traumatic experience like cancer, and maybe one of the most important aspects of it: the circle.

The circle around us. The close family, the close friends. How did they react to the news of cancer? how are they reacting now? Their reaction has a huge impact on the person who is going through  trauma.

There is pain, emotional pain if the support is missing. If there is coldness, if there is silence. One more component of the trauma to deal with.

Tapping can help with the pain of the holes in the circle of support.

Cancer. How I can help.

I can help with the emotional toll this diagnostic is making on you. I can help by tapping together, by encouraging you to tap by yourself and by supporting you in taking the time to recognize your emotions.

Here is my list of what I can help you with.

  1. The anxiety, anguish, shame, guilt, sadness of the diagnostic
  2. The anxiety before meeting with the experts.
  3. The frustration and sadness about the medical community manner of speech to their patients.
  4. The anxiety before a procedure.
  5. Dealing with the craving for a specific food which is not on your diet recommended list.
  6. Any emotion coming up when you ” guess” what your cancer could be related to.


So that you feel supported.

Got clutter?

As I am working on downsizing my house, I have stumbled on clutter. It’s not very surprising. What is, is the difficulty to move some of it or to make decisions on some piles. I have used EFT for that when I have felt very stuck.

To learn more on this topic, I am joined a free webinar hosted by Carol Look, an EFT master.

Got Clutter?

I bet you’ve tried to clean it up before… and I bet that didn’t last long!

It’s so frustrating when you put such effort into cleaning up and then 2 weeks later the same piles reappear.

Do you know why those piles just come back?

Because it’s not about your stuff!

Clutter is just a symptom of an emotional conflict. And until we resolve the inner emotional conflicts, the clutter will stick around.

Whether your emotional conflicts are about grief, loss, fear, love, or security, they need to be validated and healed.  Then, and only then, will you make significant progress in your clutter challenges.

We know how frustrating the clutter cycle can be. You make promises, clean it up, pile it up again, feel discouraged. You make promises, clean it up, pile it up again, feel discouraged and ashamed. Rinse and repeat.

So we teamed up to offer a free webinar for you called Healing the 3 Key Emotional Reasons You’re STILL Holding onto Your Clutter and you can…

Register for free here (If you’re new to Crowdcast, you’ll sign up for a free account with your email and simple password. All your information is kept confidential.)

Remember, we are all living proof of this cycle – until these emotional reasons for holding onto clutter are healed and cleared, the clutter will stick around.

Join us, Monday December 11th at 3:00 pm eastern time. (The webinar will be recorded and played back at the same place if you simply cannot attend live.)

Tap along with Rick Wilkes and Carol Look and release the REAL reasons you still hold onto your clutter.

See you there!

Carol Look, EFT Master, Author, Speaker, 
Coach, and Creator of The Yes Code

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