” Nadia is an extremely skilled EFT practitioner with many years experience. Tapping is becoming more popular and is being endorsed by professionals like Christiane Northrup, M.D ( Women’s bodies, Women’s Wisdom. The Wisdom of Menopause). It’s not woo woo stuff! it really works. I am so grateful for my sessions as I truly want to get over blocks that stop me from living my best life. I have moved through old and not so old blocks with the help of Nadia. She is insightful, kind and compassionate- an ideal person to walk with through the healing/empowering process. Highly recommend her.”

” Nadia has introduced me to EFT and the Emotion Code. I am so grateful to her for this because I love tapping and have found it to be a very effective tool for dealing with past emotions and patterns and also emotions that come on a daily basis. Nadia is insightful, easy to work with, loving and most of all helps me to laugh at my concerns by the end. I highly recommend working with her and her services.”

“Nadia, I was SO surprised last evening to look at my Money Map from 10 weeks ago and to discover just how far I’ve come! Thanks in large part to your help, last month I increased my income by $1300 to reach my income goal for the first time.

Working with you has felt so gentle and undramatic that I didn’t realize just how far I’d come in changing my attitude toward all things Money. For instance, according to my EFT workbook, 10 weeks ago I felt “stuck” and “afraid” about my income. Now I feel excited and competent. About even having an income goal, I felt “cynical, jaded”. What I wrote about ever reaching the goal: “Fat chance, you don’t even want to work that hard, and it’ll never happen anyway–give it up.”

I know this sounds like a pre-packaged testimonial of the sort you read in advertisements. I’m laughing as I write to you, though, because this time its TRUE, and its about YOU! Thank you from my heart for your help, Nadia. You’ve helped me open doors that were sealed so far shut. If I can change this, then with your help I can change anything that no longer serves me. The sky’s the limit!
-Small business owner, after receiving 8 private sessions combined with attending an EFT support group

Dear Nadia, Thank you for introducing me to EFT (Tapping). I had always ignored articles about the subject, thinking it was too silly to be taken seriously. However, since I know you to be intelligent, sophisticated and trustworthy, I felt safe in giving it a try. In just three months, it has helped me to identify and release more limiting unconscious beliefs and emotional blockages than all other methods I’ve tried in a lifetime of study.

Most of all, I am grateful for your guidance. From the very first session it was obvious that your perception and intuition are extraordinary, as are also your kindness and compassion. I “tap” almost daily on my own; however, in our Skype sessions your knowledge and expertise allow me effortlessly to reach a much deeper level and, with your help, layer after layer unfolds to be acknowledged and released. During the week additional thoughts just drift in, bringing even more clarification. Working with you has brought about dramatic positive changes for me, for which I am immeasurably grateful. Thank you!
– L., France ( Skype session)

Wow, that was really powerful and will take me a few days to process all the emotions I went through during that hour! I cannot thank you enough for what you do and how you do it! You’re truly a conduit for others to seek the truth inside of themselves. it’s more than EFT coming through you and you are very powerful in your own right.
– C, Florida ( Skype session)

In a recent group session of EFT with Nadia Clark, we spoke of cravings.  Nadia had me bring out chocolate…a Kit Kat bar to be exact…as we all said the temptation was very high for chocolate.  When first set out on the plate, we were all quite overwhelmed by our desire to eat this bar, the smell was over powering, and since we are all trying to fight sugar urges, this seemed like an insurmountable task.
During the first round of tapping, all of our desires dropped quite a bit. I started at 10 and went to a 6. This was amazing as I am a complete sugar/chocolate addict. After the second session, my desire was at a very controllable 1-2.  And since the session,

 I have passed up Kit Kats and other candy at the store check out counters, and had only 1 piece of chocolate in the past week.
I am often very surprised at the effectiveness of tapping, and of Nadia’s kind but persevering instruction. She is a master of kindness, consideration, and guidance.
Jane C., Prescott AZ

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