Kit Kat cravings disappear

In a recent group session of EFT with Nadia Clark, we spoke of cravings.  Nadia had me bring out chocolate…a Kit Kat bar to be exact…as we all said the temptation was very high for chocolate.  When first set out on the plate, we were all quite overwhelmed by our desire to eat this bar, the smell was over powering, and since we are all trying to fight sugar urges, this seemed like an insurmountable task.
During the first round of tapping, all of our desires dropped quite a bit. I started at 10 and went to a 6. This was amazing as I am a complete sugar/chocolate addict. After the second session, my desire was at a very controllable 1-2.  And since the session,

 I have passed up Kit Kats and other candy at the store check out counters, and had only 1 piece of chocolate in the past week.
I am often very surprised at the effectiveness of tapping, and of Nadia’s kind but persevering instruction. She is a master of kindness, consideration, and guidance.
Jane C., Prescott AZ

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